Re: META: New horizons for the Extropians list
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 11:53:34 EDT

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>You could help with the above idea by suggesting possible ontologies for
>the set of focused lists. This is not a simple matter. Should there be a
>single list for all discussions of technologies, or divide this into nano,
>AI, computer tech, biotech, etc. (but drawing those distinctions will
>sometimes be difficult). Aside from technology/technologies, there
might be
>a list on alernative social and economic systems, one on philosophical
>issues, or several that divide these into sub-topics.

I like the idea of splitting the lists, but I think you probably shouldn't oversplit. "Technology" and "Social/economic systems" are good groupings but subgroups might not get enough posts to be viable. Good lists need enough material that there's always some discussion going or people forget about it and post elsewhere. I think list posts work like advertising for a list.