META: More on the future of the ExI lists and website

Max More (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 23:34:50 -0700

One other thing: Unless someone else motivated, able, focused, and persistent comes along to spearhead the transformation of the online Extropian community, it will fall on me to do.

Thanks to Brian Atkin's tremendously generous and deeply appreciated contribution, I *will* make progress on developing the information portal idea and perhaps the NodeNet structure. However, given my ludicrously busy schedule currently, all my ExI-related time has currently to be focused on Extro 4. Once that's over with (though I intend to follow it up in various ways) I can make significant progress in the info portal area. If you don't see progress on that by late August, by all means call me on it! By that time, I will have a mere 50-hour (non-ExI) work week, so I should be able to make progress.

Making use of Brian's contribution, though temporarily on hold (I *have* done some preliminary planning work) will only take us to far. A continuing development is not something that will happen through complaints, but only through contribution to the project, whether through financial support (we continue to carry debts from the past and have found that volunteer labor does not work well), content acquisition, programming skills, or organization assistance. Perhaps a separate list shoud be created for those who want to join ExI's webmaster Brent Allsop, myself, and other participants to build a improved ExI-2000, an Uber-ExI! (Maybe



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