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Max More (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 22:54:18 -0700

My thanks to the great majority of you who have abided by our temporary moratorium on posting on the g-issue. Your restraint and cooperation help us in our aim to improve the qualiity of this list.

Clearly a few people over overreacting to what is simply a temporary moratorium on an issue that continually degenerates and puts people off wanting to be on this list. Of course our response is imperfect. Some kind of action is needed and this is what we have chosen. As always, we remain open to suggestions for better ways of handling situations like this.

Make no mistake. We will *not* back down on enforcing our announced policy. I understand from Greg that enforcement is not as simple as is might seem. I have not seen the appeals from those who seem to have violated the moratorium, but certainly by this weekend I will take the time to confer with Greg. Those who have clearly and deliberately ignored the moratorium *will* be moved for the limited period.

I am sorry that this will piss some of you off. Doing nothing wlll also piss off lots of people. This temporary measure to exercise rather minimal editorial guidance will lead to better long-term solutions -- if you are interested in helping create those solutions. My thanks to the couple of people who have so far responded to my previous plea for creative suggestions in this area.



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