Re: META: re: Improving the Extropians list

Spike Jones (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 22:18:59 -0700

> Elizabeth Childs wrote:
> >
> > Gina Miller posts more than three times a day, and it's all signal. If
> > for some reason people decide this is a good idea, I suggest tacking on
> > the end "except nanogirl".
> Mike Linksvayer wrote: I strongly disagree. ... I can
> and do get interesting science news elsewhere. On this list for
> me simple forwards of news items just add to the noise.

Aw cmon, Mike. For me, Gina's posts have been a great help for I have not the time to scan for interesting science news. Her judgement is exceedingly good in deciding which articles to post. I nominate Nanogirl as the extropian most valuable player. Gina, thanks. You are doing god's work (somebody has to.) {8^D spike