Noise? What noise?

Martin Anso (
Thu, 17 Jun 1999 12:35:16 +1200

Just adding my two cents...

Unlike Mike Linksvayer, I don't have access to various science news pages and mailing lists. Hence Gina's forwarding of news stories is of great value to me.

Have people forgotten how to use the 'delete' key? A few taps, and the 'noise' is gone.

I support the earlier call for people to write more considered articles, but I would rather have 'noise' than people intimidated into not sharing their views. The 'gun' problem could have been resolved if the participants had shown more consideration and made it a private e-mail war, rather than a public one. Many gun postings were merely smart-arse retorts which had no place on any mailing list.

Just some thoughts...

Martin Anso