Re: Singularity in 18 months?/ hardware fab latency

Gina Miller (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:07:30 -0700

About this DNA gig, don't get the dna synthesized, that gives you a strand of dna, if you want the protein sequence that that represents then you write down the sequence of the protein and send it to somebody with a protein synthesizer to synthesize that peptide. If you what you want is the protein there is no reason to synthesize the dna. Nanogirl

>Do you know that there's an STM connected to the Internet? I don't know
>about protein-synthesis machines being connected to the Internet - but
>if you're willing to go through snail-mail, you can write a DNA
>sequence, email it to someone who mails you the DNA, then send the DNA
>to a protein synthesizer in, what, about a week? Probably less if
>you're an AI and you're willing to pay for FedEx overnight.
>Ever wonder if there's a back door into Zyvex's laboratory equipment
>somewhere, with a password only an AI could crack? That's what *I'd* do.
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