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Doug Jones (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 12:51:28 -0700

A less extreme solution: an amnesty. The original ban has quenched the primary flames, an amnesty might prevent this thread from leading to more flames.

Harvey Newstrom wrote:
> I can't stand hypocrisy. Do it, or don't do it, but stop waffling.
> First you say you were too busy to enforce the ban. Then you say you will
> "try to come up with a fair and reasonable approach".
> Is there going to be a ban or not? It is plain unprofessional to make a big
> announcement, fail to follow through, and then try to avoid the effects of
> your actions later.
> To be honest, I think so many people have broken the ban that ExI cannot
> enforce it. If they were to unsubscribe all the people like they said, the
> list would dwindle. If they don't do what they said, they look like
> hypocrites. I predict that they will make vague excuses and try to reword
> the ban later.
> What irks me is that this is not an unexpected outcome of the ban. ExI has
> a history of making big announcements and then being surprised at the
> results of their own actions. They announced a fee for the list early on
> and were surprised that people dropped out. They originally did not allow
> people to quote the list to outsiders and were surprised that people did.
> They tried to make the list members-only, and did not expect the outcry.
> Now they announce a topic ban, and seem unprepared to actually enforce their
> own ban.
> This is repeated incompetence. Why do we keep having problems that were
> totally predictable and avoidable? Basically it is because the ExI board
> are too busy with their own projects to really run this list, the
> newsletter, the magazine, the node-nets, or any of the grand plans that have
> been announced. I would suggest that such announcement be delayed in the
> future until a working plan has been thought out.
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> > Thanks for your post. I'm very busy at work this week, so can only do
> quick
> > strafing runs at the problem till the weekend. Have emailed privately all
> > posters. Most claim to have missed my announcement of to have made an
> honest
> > mistake in interpreting it. Will try to come up with a fair and
> reasonable
> > approach to repeat posters this weekend. Appreciate your input.
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