JASS Journal - Call for Papers

Nikitas Assimakopoulos (assinik@unipi.gr)
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:40:40 +0100

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JOURNAL OF APPLIED SYSTEMS STUDIES Methodologies and Applications for Systems Approaches

[ JASS ]



Topics of interest to JASS include :

Applications of cybernetics using the viable system model Applications of interactive planning methodology Applications of soft systems methodology Applied cybernetics in medicine
Applied living systems
Applied sociocybernetics
Cognitive patterns
Complex systems
Conceptual systemic models
Control systems
Critical systems thinking
Culture of peace
Decision support systems
Dynamical systems approaches
Electronic service systems (Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Deltanet) Human-centered systems
Human-computer interaction
Intelligent systems engineering
Intelligent tutoring systems
Knowledge based systems
Law systems
Multimedia systems
Problem structuring approaches
Project management using systemic approaches Religious systems
Semiotic approaches
Social systems design
Systemic metaphors
Systemic reengineering
Systems - metasystems and decisions - metadecisions Systems and design education
Systems approaches for information systems Systems thinking for total quality management Total systems intervention
Virtual communities

There is no time limit for the submission of papers.