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Chris Fedeli (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 12:06:46 -0400

Extropic smoker here, pack a day at least. For explanation, I'll affiliate myself with the evocative comments made earlier by Rob Harris about life-span length vis-a-vis orgasm vs. nuts getting thrashed in an electric flail. And I share Gina Miller's lazy attitude too - nanobots can clean up my lungs down the road.

For the record, I'm not just a smoker. I'm a smoke enthusiast. I love not only the nicotine, but the momentary crackle of the paper as I light up and take that first, delicate puff; the glow of the slowly burning tobacco as I hold the cigarette between my fingers; the warmth that fills my throat and lungs as I breathe in the aroma; and the billowy clouds of smoke that waft past my screen when I exhale.

A nicotine patch is no replacement for the interaction with fire and heat that form a central part of the smoking experience. And even all of the physical components of smoking don't fully capture the significance of the act for most addicts. Cigarette smoking has always had social and cultural implications, and it continues to do so. In the United States, public smoking remains an effective way to demonstrate one's fashionable contempt for bourgeous values and attitudes, as residually puritain as they still are.

Extropianism has a lot to do with rejecting mainstream values, so it doesn't surprise me in the least to see the number of list members who admit to partaking in the joy of demon tobacco. Of course there are other, less physically risky ways of demonstrating antagonism, but few of them carry that distinctly civilized brand of rebelliousness that has always been associated with smoking. So let's all light up for the singularity :)

Chris Fedeli

"Only smoking distinguishes humans from the rest of the animals."