Re: Ban on GUN posts RE: Greg Burch: Time to Act

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 11:33:16 -0400

"O'Regan, Emlyn" wrote:

> Excellent, yes, time to box some ears. I think that the following rule
> should also be strictly followed:
> RULE - Entirely ignore all content in any posts refering to guns or even
> mentioning GUN in the subject, which have been received since the beginning
> of the moratorium, and unsubscribe their postors.

Ah, the Holy War has begun. Inquisitors, sharpen your swords, and get ready to cut some tongues out. This is EXACTLY the behavior that anyone who claims to be extropic or an extropian (big or little E) should be opposed to at any cost. As said by some very wise men, freedom of speech is only really free if the most objectionable speech is protected, not just that which is acceptable to the norm.

> Emlyn
> (go directly to tumbolia, do not pass go, do not collect $200)

Go directly to Aushwitz, do not avoid Kristallnacht, do not collect civil rights.


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