Unsubscribing (was Re: The unsubscribing of Harvey Newstrom)

Michael M. Butler (butler@comp-lib.org)
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 23:11:05 -0700

Count me in, too.

Upon reviewing the rules, I believe my "Isher" post went over the specified line. Arguably, even my "taken off list" post lengthened a prohibited thread.

I needed to find better uses for my time anyway. I'm unsubscribing. Now Heywood gets to add me to his list. Hey, nothing's ever wasted!


At 01:39 1999/06/16 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks for pointing that out. To be sadly honest, I'm not sure I would
>Greg Burch: I want an official determination as to whether I am in
>violation of the gun-topic ban. I would like the determination posted to
>the list, since the possibility has been posted to this list. Thanks.
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>Subject: The unsubscribing of Harvey Newstrom
>> You shall also be missed, Harvey, for by reposting excerpts of the
>> offending emails, you violated the ban as well.