Re: Smoking [Was: An interesting poll]

Wed, 16 Jun 1999 10:31:49 +0200

It appears as if Scott Badger <> wrote:


|> What percentage of extropians, being fully aware of the lifspan-
|> truncating effects of tobacco use, nevertheless contine to use it,
|> and why?
|The most interesting thing about this poll so far is that only smokers have
|responded.  I will break the pattern.  Quit a pack and 1/2/day habit 7-8
|years ago.

I do not smoke tobacco, and have never had a nicotine addiction, but have tried nicotine patches (14mg/patch) to study the nicotine effects. The smell of tobacco smoke disgusts me.

I would suggest smokers to use a water pipe as, according to a study, it filters away various obnoxious substances from the smoke. (Any THC smokers might wish to know that it also dilutes the cannabinol contents in the smoke, if present.)