Re: Nextropians.

Heywood Floyd (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 16:14:52 -0700 (PDT)

>There are certain people who, for whatever reason,
>have developed an antipathy for Extropians and their >goals.
Sometimes this seems to be for personal >reasons, other times it is ideological. I suspect that
>Heywood Floyd is such a person, and that he is merely >seeking to sow
discord on the list now.

Impressive analysis! Although you miss the mark. I have certainly not developed antipathy for extropian goals - quite the opposite!! It is my deep -empathy- for the goals of extropians that inspired my post. Can you not also share the loss of what was once a fantastic list with impressive potential, now degraded into flame wars, ideological camping, rigidity, and dogmatic intolerance?

On a personal note, you are right in my attempt to sow discord on this list. This list needs a serious kick in the ass. Either it break out of its close-minded calcified bullshit or die an agonizing death!

This is a time for action! Either the Nextropians make their list accessible, or we become nextropians ourselves and break out of the stale shit and fragmented community that we have now become. What is it going to take to bring all of these amazing minds back into the fold? Perhaps...

Start a movement!
Call it nextropians, post-extropians, neo-extropian, hypertropians. Names aren't important. I have heard many on this list already state their dissatification with both the extropian principles and the list degradation.

Perhaps your right on one account Hal, I am 'personally' disgusted with where the list and the community (what there is left of it) has gone.

I once saw the extropian movement as a chance to link up with like minds and spirits - a place where you didn't have to feel alone anymore in your extropic heart.

The true extropic quest has become a rather lonely path again and that saddens me immensely.

Heywood Floyd out for good.

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