Re: Re: Nextropians.
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 18:04:42 EDT

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky wrote:

>Oh, it's true that the people who around
>at list-launch in '96 tend to be, shall we say, a little more
>influential. But that's only natural, of course.

I believe that the Extropians list has been around a good while longer than that. I recall participating back in the early 90s. Anybody remember to online pledge drive? The list's first malicious email bomber? Boy, those were, uh, . . . days.

I doubt that hanging around a long time automatically makes anyone very influential. To the contrary, many old-timers, having grown weary of the many, many recurring debates, probably post infrequently. Relative newbies thus seldom recognize the names of their listserv elders. And, at any rate, I should think that Extropians accord little merit to mere seniority.

T.0. Morrow