Nextropians: Where R They Now?

Eugene Leitl (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 11:54:58 -0700 (PDT)

Heywood Floyd writes:

> If I'm wrong about such a secret network, then explain to me why these
> most thoughtful and intelligent people are mysteriously quite these
> days. Are we to believe they have all given up discussing

The clue is "thoughtful" and "intelligent". Those I can account for, left the list because it has deteriorated beyond usability. It is simply no longer even worth the effort. (I myself resist the list lemming behaviour because it is so default. Also, as I have found out, filtering really helps).

In lesser degree, perhaps because everything of value has been already said.

> transhumanist values openly on the internet?
> Max More
> Ralph Merkle
> E. Shaun Russell
> Eric Watt Forste
> Vernor Vinge
> Hans Moravec
> Tom Morrow
> Mark Crosby
> Mark Mills
> Kieth Henson
> Gregory Stock
> John K Clark
> Kathryn Aegis
> Kennita Watson
> Mitchell Porter
> Peter C. McCluskey
> Reilly Jones
> Russell Whitaker
> Sarah Marr
> Perry E. Metzger
> Where are these people? Eat your heart out! :-)
> Heywood Floyd, or is it Lyle?
> ooh oh oh he hah ha ha haa!!