Re: Nextropians.

J. R. Molloy (
Tue, 15 Jun 1999 10:12:21 -0700

From: Heywood Floyd <>
>Although I have not revealed the exact identity of the group or their
>virtual wearabouts, I must make public their existence.

Gee whiz, thanks alot for the tip, Heywood! I contacted Ralph ( and he has graciously provided me with my very own virtual wearabouts so now I can wear my viruality just about anyplace. Even on my bike! Wheeeee....!
(I haven't tried 'em underwater yet.)

Gosh, I don't know the exact identity of the group either, Hey-buddy, but after using my virtual wearabouts for awhile, I feel sure they will send me a virtual invite. 'Course I won't ever reveal their *true* identities or the URL of the Foresight Institute where they hang out. (No, it's not !)

Holy anonymity, Batman! What would we ever do without the priceless contributions from... well, whoever you are. Thanks again.

--J. R.