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> Joe, I've really tried to polite and reasonable with you, and we
> even agreed on some of the details of your legislative action plan
> (some of which is already law). I don't view myself as an opponent
> of yours.
> Why is it, then, that you keep circling back to the same thread and
> gratuitously insulting to the folks you disagreed with? Phrases
> like "all the while snidely and surreptitiously snickering like
> little boys masturbating in the dark" are not conducive to rational
> discussion. The vitriol in your posts is annoying. Could you please
> make more effort to be logical, and tone down the rhetoric?
I refuse to be unctuous. I have heartily agreed to the content limits, and have not transgressed them; however, when I see others doing so in what they must mistakenly believe is a sly, sneaky and underhanded manner, I refuse to compromise either my heartfelt disdain or the literary form in which I point out the self-evident trespass. Fair is a two-way street. This list has to decide, once and for all, whether or not it is a fair (both sides permitted or both sides forbade) forum, or whether it is a biased and bigotrous agent of a particular agenda which, permitting and allowing all the stretching and invidious permeation perpetuated by its acolytic adherents and none by those who have good solid reasons to disagree, is not standing foursquare for the future, but is instead attempting to impose a dogmatic and mantric ideology upon that future's formation.
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