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> Chuck Kuecker writes:
> > Has anyone read 'The Weapon Shops of Isher" by A E Van Vogt? Smart guns
> > with integral defensive shields...immortals..great old sci-fi story.
> Isn't it "Ishtar"?

BTW, Eugene - in all fairness, haven't the progunners been using this particular thread to rhapsodize about calibration. penetration, ballistics and stopping power, all the while snidely and surreptitiously snickering like little boys masturbating in the dark? It doesn't take the brains necessary to operate a siphon hose to realize that this thread is being employed by the magnum tonguers to run the ol' end-around on the gun discussion ban, all the while figuring that their Good Friend Gene won't call them on it. Be better than that. Other people have most forcefully expressed their supreme confidence in your competence, impartiality and integrity to me; please prove them right.