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Subject:        	G*n cam (Was Re: High-tech weaponry)
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> A simple, relatively low-tech improvement which could easily
> be implemented *today* is the "gun-cam"; put a small camera
> module under the barrel in the same fashion as one would
> attach a laser/flashlight module. As (spy) cams can be made
> very compact without losing too much picture quality, the setup
> needn't be very bulky. You can even add some audio recording
> equipment and perhaps even a data transmitter (burst
> transmission?) so that even if the gun is seized or destroyed
> by the bad guys, you still have the evidence. The camera
> could be activated by means of a (pressure) pad on the grip
> (a method used for certain laser aiming systems, though
> I would personally prefer a system that reacts to pressure
> on the trigger for those). That way you only film when it
> counts. Further improvement could include a linked
> flashlight for when it's dark, and of course some safeties
> to prevent tampering with the data.
> The advantage? Well, you basically make sure that there's
> a camera present at every shooting, filming from the position
> which counts most -- that of the shooter. That way a jury/
> judge/commission can see for themselves whether a shooting
> was justified or not. At the very least every armed government
> official should have one, and of course it's highly recommended
> for civilian use too.
> Is such a thing already on the market? If not, I hereby claim
> the idea... ;)

Try selling them to the criminals.