Re: Longevity and temperament

Spike Jones (
Mon, 14 Jun 1999 08:24:02 -0700

> > This is exactly the opposite of what I remember seeing; it's my memory
> > that researchers found that curmudgeonly, selfish, outspoken people
> > lived longer. Thus, the stereotype of an old man yelling "You kids get
> > off my lawn!" He's still around, while the nice old lady who baked
> > everyone cookies is presumably not.

Cliches exist for a reason. Does anyone have a vague sense that ectomorphs tend to be more serious, perhaps a little less approachable than big teddy bear, huggy, ho ho ho endomorphs? Perhaps crusty curmudgeons tend to be ectomorphs and lived longer for a reason not at all directly connected with their orneryness.

Or, the cooky baking nice old lady perished of adult onset diabetes and atherosclerosis aggravated by devouring far too many cookies? {8^D spike