Re: Life Expectancy

Scott Badger (
Sun, 13 Jun 1999 10:00:06 -0500

Spike asked:

> Yes the telomere length is good, but requires some pretty
> high powered equipment I would think. Does anyone here
> know what it takes to determine this? Who would I call upon? spike

Not sure, but I did call an "anti-aging" physician in the area who informed me that a telomere analysis is one of the services they offer. I didn't ask the price of that particular service but assumed that it was not completely outlandish. Find some similar type doc in your area (they're listed at the LEF site) and get some pricing info. The two I've called want to market an anti-aging package deal ranging from $1500-$5000.

Determining LE reminds me of that Futurama episode where the doctor has invented a "death clock". Stick your finger in it and it will tell you the exact date and time of your death.

"Cool." he said, and stuck his finger in the receptacle. "Is it really that accurate?"

"Well, there is an error margin of a few seconds due to free will." the doctor replied.

Looking at the results, Bender said, "Uh-oh. Can I have your stereo?"


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