Last call

Jeff Davis (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 21:54:01 -0700


It is only fitting that as the sun sets on the gun debate, as we near the midnight of our discontent, the topic should turn to guns and bars/alcohol.

Mark of the Unicorn says:

>You know, I've never, ever seen more Uzis and M-16s in one place than in
Israeli bars.
>Somehow they seem to survive OK drinking alcohol while carrying
fully-automatic military
>weapons, whereas in many parts of America you would go to jail for
carrying any gun into a
>bar; one can only assume that Israelis trust each other a lot more than
Americans do.

Or perhaps we could simply observe that the Israelis and Swiss possess their weapons in the context of their well organized militias being necessary to the security of their free states.

How cumzit no one on either side of the gun debate seems to mention that prefatory phrase in the second ammendment? Or at least it wasn't mentioned in "our" "debate". Ah, well. I guess with the moratorium on gun posts I'll probably never find out. Just as well. Won't change anything.

Earlier Mark wrote:

>And if you come home from a bar late at night to discover an armed thug
has broken into your >house and you grab your gun to protect yourself...

Walk home? Take a taxi?

I wonder who the last weasel will be to post to this thread, before the Cincinnatus-imposed ceasefire goes into effect. I can just imagine them all out there, poised with their fingers over the "send" button, as the clock ticks down to midnight. If ever there was a group that needed transhuman enhancement, they (we?) is it.

Joe Dees and Mike Lorrey sitting in a two seat outhouse. One of 'em gets up to leave (I'll never say which one), and as he's hikin' up his pants, some coins fall out of his pocket and tumble into the blackness. He promptly takes out his wallet, extracts a twenty, and tosses it in after the coins. His fellow businessman--the one still seated--looks up, flabbergasted, and says, "What'd ya do that for?" To which he recieves his reply:

"I've got a 160 IQ. I'm a buttress against stupidity. You don't think I'm goin' in there for thirty-five cents, do ya?"

According to my clock it's 12:54 PM, New Hampshire time. He he he.

Best, Jeff Davis

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