Re: Let us all get together and chat!!

Gina Miller (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 21:24:20 -0700

Okay, I made an extropian chat room, the URL is

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>Hello everyone,
>I realize there is at least one transhumanist chatroom already, "Excelsior
>Humanis" or something like that. But I was thinking of a extropian chat
>related directly to this digest where we could all get together and really
>discuss things in a way that allowed our personalities to shine through. I
>know chaos might break out in discussions over gun control but I think
>it would be so informative and fun to see the list members in action! We
>could establish a chatroom for instance on Delphi or yahoo among others.
>Delphi is the one I would vote for going with. C'mon folks, give me your
>input on this idea!
>John Grigg
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