"Analyzer's" start up

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Tuesday , Jun 8, 1999 Sun-Thu at 18:00 (GMT+2) Headlines

Exclusive: Analyzer Founds Computer Security Start-Up By Ronny Lifschitz

Ehud Tenenbaum, known as the "Analyzer", still awaiting the commencement of hearings in his trial, following the exposure of his penetration of the Pentagonís computers, is forming a computer security company. Tenenbaumís partners are three students currently completing their studies in electronic engineering. The new company is negotiating with potential investors, and plans to raise $4.5-5 million for the purpose of developing a security software package, that will be able to monitor hackersí activities.

The other partners are Sharon Shani, Gil Bar-Noy, who was chairman of the studentsí negotiating team in the tuition fee battle with the government, and another student, who prefers to remain anonymous. At the beginning of 1998, the three set up Webber Communications, a company which engaged primarily in the construction of Internet sites and consultation to Internet companies.

"Our idea is very innovative, and is based on the hackerís point of view", Tenenbaum explains to "Globes". "Our product will be able to adapt itself to the hackersí evolving methods, and upgrade itself". Tenenbaum refused to give details of the type of security software the company is to develop, but said that he and his partners, who served with the IDF Intelligence Corps, will set up an intelligence system to monitor the modus operandi of hackers the world over, and thus close the gap existing between security companies and hackers.

The young entrepreneurs believe that many organisations will purchase their future product, including NASA and the Pentagon.

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Published by Israel's Business Arena June 7, 1999