Re: List Censorship, a reply..
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 09:39:30 EDT

In a message dated 6/10/99 11:55:19 PM, Max wrote:
>So, presumably you read absolutely no magazines, newspapers, or books,
>since they all make editiorial choices (or "censorship" as you wrongly call
>it). Censorship is when someone forces you not to say something in a place
>where they have no right to do so. ExI owns this list and has the right to
>exercise editorial judgment. I'm surprised that you have confused these two
>utterly different things.
>Since censorship is a violation of rights, are you now going to send to the
>police over here to force us to let you say whatever you want on a list
>that we own?

Max!! Ouch... me cry now.
I am pretty surprised you reacted to my free choice with that jab about the police! : ( In fact boggled. In fact deeply hurt. Your implications are over reactions.
I haven't said "by not posting to this list, I was denied freedom of speech", or that censoring this list represents state-installed institutionalized censorship! (a censor defines as: " a person who examines literature (film, <etc>) to remove or prohibit anything unsuitable). I did not suggest you were censoring *me*, only the list. I actually would prefer not to have had to been dragged back to the list, but since you posted publicly, here's my reason: I said I was going... based my own feeling. My own choice... It could be respected as I respect your decision to censor your own list. You are as free to censor your list as you are to ask people not to smoke in your house, or poop on your rug = )
However, I feel that "creative" ideas flourish only where nothing is off topic. It has to do with my theories that creativity is non-linear and associative. For example: Eugene's "smart" guns were very creative. Possibly using that chemistry, another idea may spur another.. Next you may decise racism isn't an extropian subject, and thanks to Anders' story , I am considering doing a series using the bizzare colors and landforms of Dr.Suess...
That's why list censorship doesn't work for me, and it in fact bugs me! ...or, maybe it's just an adolescent dislike of authority.... = ) hey, don't worry about ME calling the police, they represent more of the same thing!

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