Re: EMOTIONAL IQ: (Transhumans: Anger management vs. Guns)

dwayne (
Fri, 11 Jun 1999 16:20:19 +1000 wrote:
> >Actually, I like this idea. It surprises me that you guys wouldn't.
> >I guess suffering in a harsh and ugly future is cooler than living in a
> >world where me managed to fix the buggered bits.
> I'm quite happy to fix my 'buggered bits'. What offends me is the continual
> suggestions of forcibly 'fixing' other people's 'buggered bits'.

> Not to
> mention that a society of people having perpetual orgasms is likely to very
> rapidly collapse,

Why? Don't you think these people could develop an adequate support infrastructure?

> even if they don't become just resources for the few
> aggressive posthumans who escape the purge.

Well, good to see that we will evolve into nice people....

> >Why get angry about it? Why not just ask them to stop?
> Because if you don't get angry when you ask them to stop they're not going
> to know how much you want them to stop.

Then perhaps you are not explaining yourself properly? I tell people all the time when they are annoying me to stop, and they do. No anger required. In fact, getting angry at someone usually does nothing so much as get them angry at *you* which is about as counter-productive as you can get.

> Anger is a well-developed social
> convention which tells other people when they've gone too far.

Actually, I think that anger is an undeveloped form of rage, and we have rage to get us out of situations of extreme personal danger (i.e. being attacked by something nasty), and is hardly ever needed in normal daily life, unless you are involved in a fight, or have managed to overturn a car onto yourself, etc.

I don't think anger is necessary at all.

I do pretty well without getting angry very often, and I was always told in my martial arts training that getting angry is a no-no, as you lose control. I have found this to be true with most people.

I think we would be far better off if there were more clear thinking and less anger in the world, and I would expect that anyone wanting to become something better than they are now would work on anger-minimisation as a sensible step towards that.



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