Re: META: LIST RULE ANNOUNCEMENT: Temporary Gun Issue Suspension

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 13:14:38 -0700 (PDT)

> I do have a substantial problem with Eugene's bias in favor
> of pro-gunners, which could constitute a cynical and self-serving
> reason for his volunteering as list moderator;...

I have no problem with the occasional personal attack on active debaters; that's to be expected in an open forum. I've thrown a few flames myself, and taken my share in return. But this wholly groundless accusation of Eugene, one of the most level heads on the forum, is inexcusable. I also have no problem letting an opponent in a debate have the last word and letting it go; that's just part of being an adult. But if I have 24 hours for a parting shot, I choose to use it here to support the idea of moderation in general and Eugene in particular.

In the archives, I find at most 12 total posts by Eugene that might be construed as gun-related, and not one of them shows any bias against your expressed opinion (and frequently-expressed at that--the archive shows 32 posts by you on June 7 alone). Indeed, Eugene often has a more European-influenced point of view on political matters than some of the more radical libertarians on the list (myself included), but I think he would make a fine moderator, and I have no fear at all that any of my viewpoints or any opposing viewpoint I want to hear would be selected on the basis of his political opinions.

You owe Eugene (at least) an apology.

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