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> I dont think banning a senseless circular flamewar on guns means that
> the list condones any of the points of view expressed in the myriad
> postings.
> The increasingly abusive posts, and the fact that the participants in
> this argument see fit to twist any of the other threads onto the gun
> topic is just driving people off the list.
> Please can we all just talk about something else, and if you want to
> flame me about guns then do it off-list.
> from Joe Dees:
> > It is now up to the officers of this list whether it will retain the
> > integrity to function as a credible voice as we journey towards our
> > common future, or whether it will degrade into nothing more than a
> > propaganda front for and arm of the NRA and other militia and
> > vigilante type individuals and organizations, with ideological purity
> > and hegemony strictly enforced by a militant, cynical, stigmatizing
> > and self-serving few. May you make the proper decision.
I'm quite willing to stop refuting the various permit-guns-to-every- crazy-underage-or-criminally-vicious-body stupidities that too regularly crop up here as soon as they stop cropping up - but not until then.