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> Rob Harris Cen-IT wrote:
> > > On the other hand, medical marijuana laws have passed in five
> > > states, and are going to pass in others. In this case, public
> > > opinion is leading rather than following the politicians.
> > >
> > Are you sure? From what I've seen, there is a large majority of people in
> > the western world still cerebrally-flatlined and drooling like the day they
> > first heard the ubiquitous but meaningless word "drugs". Armed with an
> > opportunity for easy self-righteousness they blather on about how people
> > "should not do drugs.....", cos "drugs are baaad"....etc.
> > For public opinion to be based on reality, not "tell me what to think"
> > drivel is a welcome change for the better! Legal grass here we come!
> The legalization movement is borrowing a page from the gun controllers. Instead
> of "its for the children", they are saying "its for those poor cancer patients".
> If you are opposed to giving people releif from the pain then you are a cruel
> SOB. Its a great way to marginalize your opponents and look rosy at the same
> time. Compassion sells.
OIt's not just for the sake of the children that we need to to rmove guns from the hands of kids, convicted violent criminals and the certifiably insane; it's for the sake of all of us - responsible, sane adults, their families, and yes, even for the sake of convicted violent criminals and the certfiably insane.
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