Re: EMOTIONAL IQ: (Transhumans: Anger management vs. Guns)

Michael S. Lorrey (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 09:15:38 -0400

dwayne wrote:

> wrote:
> >
> > Again, one of the biggest problems with British society is that almost
> > no-one complains about anything. Part of that is because it's a recovering
> > socialist nation,
> Thatcher was socialist?

Thatcher was the cure. She even seems to have cured the Labor Party of that disease.

> > >We'll keep love
> > >and discard hate, keep happiness and discard sadness. We'll become
> > >Teletubbies. What a marvelous future this will be.
> >
> > Welcome to 'Happy Fluffy World'.
> Actually, I like this idea. It surprises me that you guys wouldn't.
> I guess suffering in a harsh and ugly future is cooler than living in a
> world where me managed to fix the buggered bits. But would you *really*
> want to live in such a place?

Lotus Eaters are not free.


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