Re: [guns] smart guns
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 08:37:22 -0400

>Actually I think there should be one-way guns about the size
>of a flashlight, made from a bundle of compound tubes which are
>ignited electrically (lithium battery). By using a visible
>laser diode the aim on short range would be accurate enough. Since
>they are already electrical you wouldn't have to mess with
>electronics/mechanics interface. If mass-produced, these things
>would be very cheap.
Scientific American recently had an article about an Australian inventor who has built an electronic gun with no moving parts and an incredible rate-of-fire. The gun is composed of sleeves that are filled with propellant separated by projectiles. When the sleeve is charged, the compression from the ignition of the first projectile prevents the second from igniting until the first has finished.