Re: [GUNS] Re: Better people

Chuck Kuecker (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 04:28:53 -0500

At 06:16 PM 6/10/99 +1000, Dwayne wrote:

>> I will keep my weapon just in case.
>I would suggest martial arts training, but I guess a gun is the easy

A good idea for those of us who are physically able to do so. I must admit I wish I had more exposure to martial arts; so far i have not been able to find time to get started.

Would you deny someone who cannot use martial arts any defense? A person in a wheelchair, for instance? Someone with one arm in a cast?

In any case, once someone has forced entry to your private quarters, why should you have to even ask questions? This person is there illegally, or at least this should be the case. The fact that they are there at all should allow you to assume the worst of intents.

Yeah, I know - someone's going to bring up the case where a family member came in late at night and got shot. Here's a case where the shooter did not verify that an intrusion had actually taken place before firing. Bad or no training, or just trigger happy. Some of the problem is resolved by requiring certification to buy weapons.

Here in my county, I have heard tell of the sherriff's police advising citizens to be sure any intruder they shoot 'falls inside the house' so that the shooting is justifiable - even if this involves dragging that person a few feet. They don't want to charge someone who is defending themselves.

One of the great travesties of our legal system is the way the victim has become the persecuted - criminals successfully suing because of injuries suffered in commission of crimes. Such suits (civil) would be rejected by any sensible person, but our judges and juries seem to think otherwise, when confronted by a cunning attorney.