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dwayne (
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 18:06:37 +1000

den Otter wrote:

> Well, IMO it's all a matter of percentages; only a relatively small
> portion of a race/group is responsible for its success/progress etc,
> and for some reason this group has been marginalized in places
> like Africa, while in Europe they managed to create a positive
> feedback loop which allowed more and more people to realize
> their "full" potential, thus fuelling further progress.

You're a scary dude, the europeans have had hundreds and hundreds of years to sort their stuff out, whereas African culture has been destroyed and is still rebuilding itself (although AIDS seems certain to nuke the place anew). I don't there is any real difference between african and european societies in this regard, I think there has been a lot more time to maintain progress in Europe.



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