superstitious religion may increase mortality in humans

Spike Jones (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 20:49:13 -0700

> In Alex Haas wrote:
> > > weight loss. Weight loss in 1963-1968 coincided with an increased incidence
> > > of coronary heart disease and diabetes mellitus and a declining level of
> >
> Doug Skrecky wrote: A study was done on 7'th Day Adventists, which found the
> main
> determinants of mortality in these semi-vegetarians was meat consumption,
> and nut consumption...

Ive always been suspicious of these studies Doug, for I can imagine several mechanisms other than diet that would account for longevity in 7th Day Adventists, such as very low smoking rates, low alcohol consumption, and one that gets a lot less attention: SDA was, until relatively recently, pasty white. Anglos are known to have longer life spans than non-white.

Here is a speculation: in the next 50-100 yrs, the average 7th Day Adventist will become darker skinned. This will cause the much advertised life span bonus to shrink, compared to the average population, and may eventually even go negative.

We speculated here once that there is a worship gene, and that it is evidently inherited. I speculate that this gene is stronger in those populations that are shorter lived.

Please, no racist flame wars. I want *everyone* to live long and prosper. My intent is to inform, not to inflame. spike