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> "Joe E. Dees" wrote:
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> > As soon as he is able, after a considerable expenditure of money
> > and time, to shut down such trade in outlying counties of his state,
> > the conduit would extend to out-of-state, where he could do nothing
> > to oppose it. Meanwhile the killing continues. We have
> > protections and checkpoints on our national borders, not on our
> > state ones. To prevent the criminal trade that patchwork gun laws
> > promote, they should be nationally standardized.
> Excellent idea. Lets set the standard to that used by the state with the lowest
> crime rates. That seems emminently logical doesn't it??? Also, let concealed
> carry permit holders be able to practice their use in all states, just as if it
> were a driver's license.
The second suggestion I agree with, the first I do not. Concealed- carry permits should be valid nationwide, and the waiting period should be dropped as well; as soon as it is verified that a prospective buyer is of legal age and his/her name does not appear on a prohibited-purchase registry, the sale should be considered legal and be allowed to expeditiously proceed. However, the reason that criminals migrate to states without concealed carry laws is because it minimizes their chances of accosting someone packing a hidden firearm; once all states have standard and equal laws, criminals will just go to the places they like best. They most likely will still remain in their vicious line of business, and continue with their chosen violent careers. The insane don't care what the gun laws are, and neither do kids. Therefore, we still need to prohibit members of these groups from legally purchasing or possessing guns, and include the names of convicted violent criminals and the certifiably insane on a prohibited purchase registry.
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