Re: GUNS: Florida (was Re: Shooting of Japanese student did happen)

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Wed, 9 Jun 1999 16:02:01 -0400

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> Harvey Newstrom [] wrote:
> >I don't see how the study can only find 18 crimes with licensed handguns,
> >when I can find eight such crimes in just one day, the first day I
> I've no idea which message you're replying to, because I can't see any
> message in this thread which would be relevant; however, I strongly
> those figures are for crimes committed by those with concealed carry

You are exactly correct. You probably didn't see my entire post, because that was my conclusion as well. The statistics showed that those with concealed carry permits rarely committed crimes, but the interpretation of the study was claiming that guns obtained legally by these people therefore aren't being used in crimes.

It seems obvious to me that many criminals steal the guns they use, and many child-shooting accidents are with someone else's gun.

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