Re: [guns] smart guns

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 16:06:57 -0400

Eugene Leitl wrote:

> Great, now I'm writing a post that will be squashed by my own
> filter.
> Anyway, there are relatively cheap implantable transponders
> with only work on close proximity (few cm) and are hence difficult to
> jam. By implanting a tiny crypto-authenticating transponder chip
> into the back of your hand would make their use automatic: the
> weapon won't fire in anyone else's hand. The only way you'd get hurt
> is if an attacker wrestles with you while the gun is in your hand.

Since the government will want to be able to disable someone's chip if they see the need to, it will create a backdoor for black market disablers. It will also enable crooks to embed incriminating use information in other people's chips to frame them for crimes they didn't commit. No, keep the technology stupid and unfutzable.

> Actually I think there should be one-way guns about the size
> of a flashlight, made from a bundle of compound tubes which are
> ignited electrically (lithium battery). By using a visible
> laser diode the aim on short range would be accurate enough. Since
> they are already electrical you wouldn't have to mess with
> electronics/mechanics interface. If mass-produced, these things
> would be very cheap.

please describe these 'compound tubes'. Are these use once and throw away? Hardly allows one to practice, though I'm sure very profitable for the manufacturer.


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