Re: GUNS: Shooting of Japanese student did happen

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Rob Harris Cen-IT wrote:

> That bloke would be rotting in jail if that had happened in the UK, and not
> just because magnums are illegal. I like laws that say "thou shalt not
> slaughter people for any old shit then get let off by a bunch of vacant
> hicks with no respect for human life"......

As I recall, there had been a rash of home invasions in the area, and the wife of the homeowner had seen the person at the door and freaked out. I do agree that their response seems quite excessive. The proper response would have been a) call the cops, b) only shoot if the intruder attempted to break the door down. Seems like a clear cut case of manslaughter or negligent homicide to me.

Mike Lorrey

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> > I think the key to this case is that the student could not see the gun.
> > As
> > I recall, the homeowner did not answer the door or show the gun. He
> > yelled
> > though the door over the storm that he had a gun and the person should
> > leave
> > or be shot. Since the student did not leave, the man shot him. The key
> > to
> > the case was whether the student could hear the warning and understand the
> > warning. There was no visual clue to the student that he was in danger or
> > was being asked to leave.
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