Re: Of Baboons, Weasels and Sneeches (Was: Re: STORY: TheTranshumanist

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 09 Jun 1999 09:58:52 -0400 wrote:

> It's a trip how people take what they want from things and throw away the
> rest.
> What i saw in the sneech story was not anything about differences of people,
> but how desperately people need some one to look down on.

Thats kind of the point. People need a reason to look down on others, so they find differences, even minor ones. Jews, for example, in Europe were not significantly different from other europeans, the only real difference was that the european Jews' ancestors got blamed for lynching a guy once, but that was enough for a couple thousand years of discrimination and genocide...

Give people some really easy characteristics to point to, and discrimination is easy, like with black skin, slanty eyes, etc. Its far easier for simple minds to put all such people into the same mental bin and treat them all the same.


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