Re: Of Baboons, Weasels and Sneeches (Was: Re: STORY: The Transhumanist Racist)

Anders Sandberg (
09 Jun 1999 11:39:43 +0200

"den Otter" <> writes:

> > From: Michael S. Lorrey <>
> > wrote:
> >
> > > It's the Star Belly Sneech story.
> >
> > One of my favorites. To me it illustrated how stupid the whole race/difference
> > thing is...
> Actually, it's stories like this that are stupid; they support the myth that
> the whole "race/difference thing" is just a matter of some irrelevant
> exterior features

I don't know about Dr Seuss (BTW, thanks everybody for explaining the reference to me), but in my story (if Dr Zuckermann was right) there were real differences. But technology can make these differences irrelevant or even useful. Then of course we can start arguing about how large the differences are in real life and if they are truly relevant compared to other factors; I leave that for another time.

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