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VB will be the COBOL (mega legacy nightmare) of the next couple of decades - your income stream wont be drying up anytime soon. No insult intended to the many fine programmers working in the area; indeed, you've got to be really good to build a quality app in VB!

I'm specialising in Delphi at the moment, and it may be a big mistake - when you build complex apps in Delphi, they tend to work with minimal maintenance requirements thereafter, and even extensive enhancements aren't difficult enough to keep the gravy flowing.

I forgot the maxim of the late twentieth century consumption - Obsolesence, like security or robustness, must be designed for; retrofitting is a losing game.

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> Subject: [THE FUTURE & CAREERS] Request for Advice
> I think this topic/question is more aimed at those of you who have
> knowledge or careers in the computer industry.
> I currently have 3 years of experience as a Visual Basic programmer
> (yeah, yeah, hiss boo). I have gone from making less than $20,000 to
> more than $70,000 in this time, so my Visual Basic skills have
> certainly paid well.
> However, I'm not so sure that Visual Basic programming skills will be
> worth a damn in 5 years or even 3.
> Here's my question: In order for me to break over into the next level
> of income generation or at least stay in my current salary window, what
> sorts of skills should I be adding? I hope to be certified as a MCSD
> (yeah, yeah, hiss boo) before winter, but what else should I be
> learning/doing? What will the Next Big Thing be?
> I have fiddled with Visual C++, but I get the feeling that C++ may not
> be so hot in a couple of years. I thought at one point that Java might
> be the NBT, but it still seems immature and very few recruiters are
> looking for Java skills around here (mostly they want VB, VB and more
> VB with maybe some Interdev/ASP stuff thrown in for good measure).
> I've recently installed Linux to play around with, but I see very
> little need for Linux programmers (I'm in the Raleigh/Durham, NC area)
> currently.
> I have no formal programming training - I have a degree in worthless
> Journalism and with a family I don't have time to go back to school
> right now...
> Any advice? Comments? Etc?
> Thanks!
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