Re: Biosphere?,
8 Jun 1999 20:02:43 -0700

On Tue, 08 June 1999, "O'Regan, Emlyn" wrote:

> Now for ten points...
> In a discussion recently the topic came up about an experiment in the US
> which involved a sealed mini-ecosystem replete with people, to see if the
> closed system was viable, or for how long, or something like that. Was this
> kicked off in the 70s?

The project had its conceptual beginnings in the 1970's, became a financial endeavor in 1985, broke ground in Southern Arizona in 1986, and completed construction in 1990. The two year 'manned' stint was between 1991-1993. Having lived in Tucson and worked with some of the consulting scientists during the project, I'm quite informed about the details if you want to e-mail me directly for more info.

Paul Hughes