Re: GUNS: Fear of Guns Vs. Fear of No Guns

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> > If you can't show any intellectual integrity or honesty, please stop debating. For that matter,
> > where are all the manslaughters???? If you don't include those important deaths, what is the
> > purpose of your statistics unless they are outright lies? A homicide is not a murder, and a
> > justified homicide is not a negligent homicide, which is also missing. Also keep in mind that
> > many jurisdictions do not call self defense a justifiable reason to kill someone, there are
> > thousands of abused wives in prison for 'murdering' their abusive spouses.
> The average murderer only serves 7 years. But then you look at some of the people who get life in
> prison-no possibility of parole, and you find cases where respectable men ended up resorting to the
> use of violence after the police refused to do anything. Men who act out of the desire to protect
> their wives and children.
> The hostility of government officials towards the idea of people being allowed to protect themselves
> is quite clear.
Your desire to rhetorically scapegoat the government for all your personal dissatisfactions and all society's imperfections is clearer.