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> >review. There was one question that presumed knowledge of how many
> >ounces are in a pound, something only Americans are likely to know
> Yeah, that set metric-me back a few points. (How the hell did you manage
> it, Emlyn?)
As I said in a previous post, I asked someone (without stopping the clock) what the number of ounces in a pound was. I figured that it was for a culture where people know that, so that's not really cheating.

> With that windage, though, I came out about right. I tend to
> do poorly on Qs that require strong visualisation, because my brain just
> doesn't do it. Luckily, that's why we have pencils and paper (forbidden by
> the test parameters).
> Damien Broderick
I counted on my fingers and drew pictures in the air (quickly!). Is that a no-no, ie: are you presumed to be a brain in a jar? Quarters, nickels, and dimes had my fingers flying furiously (even if you take your shoes off, you still can't count to 90).

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