RE: EMOTIONAL IQ: (Transhumans: Anger management vs. Guns)

O'Regan, Emlyn (
Tue, 8 Jun 1999 18:25:26 +1000

> > I've been trying to work out how to do this in some kind of useful
> manner. I
> > don't normally get angry, but I know that the stress builds because of
> this.
> > The problem is that I find the expression of anger distasteful, which
> many
> > here might identify with.
> Just let it wash over you and let it flow out, feel it but maintain a
> clear head. Works for me.
> Observe it but don't succumb to it.
Serenity now (Seinfeld reference)

> > Maybe I've got to play sport. Exercise is supposed to be wonderful for
> > stress, I guess I've got to find time. But when you're faced with
> decisions
> > like "Either I read another chapter of Hofstader, or I go and play
> indoor
> > soccer" - well, what would you do?
> Do both on different days?
> > What I really need is a little bubble of no-time where I can sit and
> read
> > for as long as I like without impacting on the rest of my life.
> Oh sure, and what makes you think you'd ever leave it? I know I
> wouldn't.
> Dwayne
You've got me there