Re: EMOTIONAL IQ: (Transhumans: Anger management vs. Guns)

dwayne (
Tue, 08 Jun 1999 16:43:12 +1000

Brian Atkins wrote:
> Just remember, stress kills. Better I think to distance yourself
> from anger, and substitute a good sense of perspective. It is
> quite possible to get the salesclerk off the phone without
> getting angry at all. I can't remember the last time I got
> really pulsatingly mad... it just isn't worth the trouble.

Absolutely. The last time I was really tremendously furious was, oooh, probably 91 or 90. It's just not worth getting so attached to something that you get pissed off when it is thwarted/broken/negated etc. And yes, bad things have happened, people have been mean to me, I've been fairly comprehensively betrayed by very close friends a couple of times in the last 6 years, but I never became enraged or furious. *I'm* in charge, not my hormones.



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