Re: [GUNS] Why not have an EXI-GUNS list?

Joe E. Dees (
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 19:19:02 -0500

Date sent:      	Mon, 7 Jun 1999 13:27:37 -0700 (PDT)
From:           	Brian D Williams <>
Subject:        	[GUNS] Why not have an EXI-GUNS list?
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> From: Mike Linksvayer <>
> >How about something a little broader? If the goal is simply
> >to get flamefests off the list, a separate exi-politics list
> >could help. The problem isn't guns, it's the politics of
> >guns, and the politics of property, of race, etc.
> >If the goal is to only get gun-related flamefests off the
> >list and perhaps engender some good discussion of other
> >defense technologies and strategies, exi-defense would
> >be a good candidate.
> >In any case, I'm skeptical that creation of another list
> >will do much to get rid of flamefests on this list. There
> >are already many other places to discuss politics and guns.
> >However, both sides feel a need to address opposing
> >arguments wherever they appear. Someone will make
> >statements about guns on this list again, and the opposing
> >side will attempt to address those statements on this
> >list, lest some lurker get the wrong impression and think
> >there is no opposition. The only change will be that
> >pressure to stop will consist of "I'm sick of this, go to
> >the guns/politics list" rather than today's "I'm sick of
> >this, go someplace else".
> Yes but the arguments would be removed from this list, which is
> what everyone seems to want.
> For my part, if an EXI-GUNS list is created I will not post
> anything about guns here, as long as once warned any violator is
> expunged from the list.
> I am not interested in discussing guns on this list at all, but
> will not allow the anti-gun meme to propagate unchecked. In other
> words I wouldn't be a member of the EXI-GUNS list.
And my meme is not anti-gun, but anti-irresponsibles-with-guns; your meme seems to be the Let-All-The Violent-Criminals- Underage-And-Mentally-Incompetent-But-Guns-Freely meme, which I shall NEVER cease opposing.
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