EMOTIONAL IQ: (Transhuman Anger Management v. Guns)

Mon, 7 Jun 1999 12:41:55 EDT

Instead of focusing on guns, bows and arrows, or mud sticks (any one read R.A.W.'s Schoedinger's Cat: about primate Alpha Males' need to fling poop?), I am curious what kinds of anger management transhumans would implement.

Anyone half trained in logic can see that: Our human race learning to deal with it's own anger and rage could have saved more lives than banning guns. The Emotional IQ of people who shoot each other is far more intersting to me than how many of them do it, or which ones were "right". Emotions here on the list in fact are of great interest to me. The anger and aggresion mounts daily!

But what can we control about the angry impulse that leads to shootings, or the angry mentalities that cause mass murder, armed robbery, and suicide? As engineers of our own beings, in what way can we retrain our neural networks to resist violence? What is being done now (medications, psychotherapy, anger management courses, biofeedback, etc) and what should/could be done by a more tranhumanist, conscious effort?

There's Thomas jefferson " count to ten", or count to 100...meditation, walking it off -- a thousand tricks, but somehow when that "lizard brain" takes over-millions reach for their nearest poop (gun, brick, bow and arrow) and hurl it!

I read news reports that "Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold passed an anger management course with glowing comments from their teachers". ..One would assume it would need voluntary commitment to benefit from such a class, but obviously we have a long road ahead of us if we are to surpass the primate urge to "get mad, get even..."