Re: Cryonics propaganda...
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 05:41:41 -0700 (PDT)

dwayne [] wrote:
>We as a species spend FAR too much time and effort trying to work out
>how to reduce ourselves back to beasts, and not enough time trying to
>improve ourselves. Which is, I feel, the main problem with the gun
>thread, I'd rather the effort went into making people better than
>working out how to keep bad people away.

Only a few big problems with that one:

  1. Who decides what's 'better'?
  2. What do you do with people who refuse to become 'better'?
  3. What if those 'bestial' aspects of human personality are actually vital to its future development? I'm not terribly surprised that most transhuman developments come out of a country which supports 'bestial' ideas like competition and self-reliance, for example.
  4. If people become 'better' then why shouldn't they own and carry guns?