Re: Fear of Guns Vs. Fear of No Guns

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> >> A study by National Economic Research Associates found that
> >> one out of every five handguns purchased in this country is used in
> >> the commission of a crime within four years of purchase.
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> >That's at odds with everything i've ever heard..
> Who are these people, and can their figures be trusted? With the number of
> guns sold legally, we ought to be swimming in gun related crimes, and we
> are not.
They are just what their title says, and they compile statistics about percentages of new cars with factory problems and the average price and longevity of dishwashers, too. Even though murders are down recently, they are still so common that unless it is a multiple homicide, it rarely sees much local coverage, let alone national. If the national media were to report on every gun-related homicide that occurs in the US, that's all they would ever have time to do.